Our Story

The college dream

It was back in 2015, when our founder dreamt of launching an android app for the college (probability the first app developed by college student in Mumbai.) He gathered the team, took necessary approvals and after facing all the challenges that comes due to change, the app was launch. On the first day itself there were more than two thousand + app downloads. The count kept increasing and reached 5000 soon. The success was so big that even Parlekar magazine covered it.


The app introduced speed up the communication between students and college authorities and digitalise many processes. And this transformation was recognised with various awards. This boosted the confidence and this is how the vision to transform business processes using IT was derived.

The under 20 team & Approach

To give structure to this vision, it was decided to establish a firm which along with app development, provide digital marketing, website development. The suitable team of 8 members was formed which consists of recently graduate as employees and college students as interns. And all were under 20 years, including the founder.
The team was young and inexperienced but was well read and has a determination to walk on the paths of giants like Infosys, Wipro. This ensured that we have a fresh and innovative approach along with professionalism in dealing with everyone

The Journey

Since then Applicorns has served various clients across industries like real estate, education, classified, etc including one of the top 10 cyber securities companies of India. Recently during Covid we managed to digitalise entire processes of one of the prominent commerce classes of Mumbai.

Our Team

Customer Segment