How to design an awesome site?

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Colour, size, font style, format and animation are some of the things that makes a website looks awesome. Deciding these elements is one of the important aspect of website development and needs to be considered separately.

When it comes to colours, everyone likes colour combination which are already there in the nature. For example, orange and red . Further there are various tools and theories which helps use to select perfect colour for the brand. Theories like colour psychology can be used to finalise the colour that will suit the culture and value of the brand.

When it comes to animation, people usually ignores it and accepts whatever is suggested by the website development team. Too fast animation on the slider may look flashy and is suitable for fashion site and not consulting site.

Further, for format, the content required to the communicated should be considered. You can use existing format ideas and if you want to get recognised and showcased on sites like Awwwards you can take the bold step because developing something at that level requires ability to take bold risk.