Does SEO matters and it is only about content, content and content?

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Currently, the SEO is $65 billion industry globally. With continues increase in the number of websites, 547200 new websites are launched regularly, ever wonder how will your potential customer will find you. This is area where SEO does magic.

It will increase the ranking of your page and ensure that you are visible to the world. Sorry, I use wrong word above, “Magic”!..... It is not magic, it requires lots of work. Lets begin by understanding SEO in detail: Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quantity and quality of visitors to your website to boost your sales. Google, doesn’t rank websites on its pages alphabetically, it has a algorithm that does it and through SEO we improve on things that this algorithm looks for.

Whenever, you search for any product or service, nearest gym or best mobile, google throws some results and we usually click on top 3 – 5 results. So when we take our service online, we also wish to get a slot in top 5 and SEO does it. But How?

Two method, On page optimization and Off page optimization.

On page optimization involves on things that are present on your website like meta-tag, title tag, page content, etc. And off page optimization involves working outside the website like on social media, blogging, back links, etc. Normally in short-run you can work on following things:

 Header Tags  Title Tags  Meta Tag Description  Key Word Consistency  Image Alt Attributes  On page link structure  Site map  Responsiveness of website

You can take care of above factors while developing the website. And when it comes to ensuring sustainable benefits from SEO, continuous effort are required in following areas: Content, Content and Content:

You watch or read any article of anyone, for example, Neil O Patel, you will always find that the top priority is given to the content quality and its quantity. The more quality content you have regarding your product or service across your blog, website and various social media platform, the better will be the ranking of your website.

Key word research: Suppose you are commerce coaching class owner, so students staying in your area can search for related services with keys - Best commerce classes - Coaching classes for - Best professor for - Top coaching classes in area Out of these, which one is relevant and currently popular can be found out using keywords research, which one has to do regularly.