Does having a creative and awesome logo neccessary?

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"Naam mein kya raka hai" this dialogue is common but when some names actually have advantages. If you have common name, it is easy to remember and when you have unique name, your name will be remembers for a longer period. But obviously just name is not enough. More people will remember you, if your work is great or you have amazing personality like Ratan Tata Sir or Michael Phelps.

In similar lines, to recall your companies name or to support your brand you need to have a decent and creative logo. Once the meaning or the logic of your logo is communicated, it is very difficult to forget the logo. Logos are not just a figure that support brand, but each logo has a meaning or hidden message. For example logo of amazon communicate that they sell everything in this world from a to z and the smile like figure is given to the arrow. There are many such examples like FedEx has forward arrow in its logo.

Logo should be simple like that of apple with which customer can be easily connect and recall easily.

We at Applicorns, consider your culture, values, mission and vision and accordingly build the logos. To give a creative example you can refer to Book Share India logo, it has book in it.